Transformational Mindset coaching for calm, clarity and confidence.
Allowing the space and freedom for new adventures to begin!

Are you feeling anxious? Spending too much time overthinking things, procrastinating?

Being Consumed or controlled by life circumstances such as work, health or family, or just feeling stuck and can’t see how things can change?

Does your lack of confidence and self doubt stop you from moving forward and achieving what you want in life, your work, relationships, health, or hobbies?

I’d love to help you.

I’m Josie Truelove with over 21 years of experience in the public sector and private practice with business owners, executives, and those wanting positive transformation in their lives.

Working together, my clients enjoy feeling calm and confident again, more at peace, happy  and empowered, having the freedom to move forward with more ease.

Josie is an excellent coach that sensitively gets to the heart of your issues and helps you clear them. I’ve worked with Josie a number of times on a range of issues with great outcomes each time. If you want to let old limiting beliefs go and move forwards, give Josie a call!”
Becci | Tunbridge Wells

Life is fast, busy and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up, can’t it!

Overthinking causes stress and stress is known to negatively affect mental and physical health, your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how you engage with life.

But being calm, having clarity, and feeling empowered is your natural ability. Yes, really!

We have all been conditioned to think, analyse and strive. Work harder, think more, have more, do more. Success is all based on other people’s opinions and having to have more to be happy. Sound familiar?

So, what do you want in your life right now? How do you want to feel?

Let me show you how you can transform your thinking and empower your life in just 90 days.

During this 90 day Transformation program, I will help you see that success is a life that you love living.

  • You will learn how simple it is to calm the mind, to think less and experience inner peace and prosperity.
  • You will rediscover your inner power, to feel more in control and engaged with life
  • You will learn how to master your mind at will, therefore being able to also positively master your own life experiences.
  • You will discover and resolve the root cause reason to anything negative happening in your mind, body and life, using the powerful and unique Mind Detox technique.
  • You will learn a new, simple way to meditate with your eyes open and closed so that you can connect with your inner calm at any time, giving you peace, clarity and confidence during the day, whenever you need it.

Working with Josie has been such a transformational experience.  I didnt know what to expect with mind detox, but I was open and willing to shift and give it 100% on the call.  By the end of the session I felt so calm and neutral about the area I decided to work on.  It was subtle but powerful.  It wasnt until our next session that I realised what had truly transpired from the session.  Each session went deeper and deeper as she guided me to reprogram past beliefs and experiences to step into my full power.  I highly recommend working with Josie if you want true transformation.

Carrie Brito M.A.

Brand Transformation Strategist. USA

What do you want to let go of and resolve in your life? What will you do when you feel more confident again? What positive changes do you want to make now?

Here’s an overview of the program which will be tailored to you as I get to know you more when working together.

Let’s transform your mind and empower your world.


Getting Clear on what you want will help calm your overthinking, overwhelm, anxiety and stress. We don’t always know what we want in life and that is ok, but we are always clear in what we don’t want. It’s a great place to start

You will discover;

  • What you want to let go of, change or transform in your life,
  • Look at what you would like to achieve or gain?
  • Discover your heart’s greatest desire.
  • Understand why the mind is compelled to think so much.
  • Learn a simple meditation technique that you can use with your eyes open and closed for more calm and clarity in your life.


By Mastering your mind you are then able to master your life, your experiences and relationships.

Experience a new level of awareness and freedom.

  • Learn how to transform the 5 core principles that are contributing to your life right now.
  • Experience the simple way to inner peace, to think less and be more calm, confident, content and free.
  • Choose to dive deeper into the simplicity of meditation and experience the instant benefits.
  • Let go of distraction and gain more time in your life, to perform better for more peace, prosperity and abundance.
  • Learn about your thoughts and how to use your thinking effectively
  • Experience your mind as the powerful tool it is designed to be. Empower yourself and your life.


Are you living your life from a place of joy, or does it seem like life is against you?

  • Discover the surprising hidden causes of your life problems using the Mind Detox method.
  • Together we will quickly and easily discover and resolve the root cause reason to anything negative happening in your life, clearing unhealthy beliefs and bringing in new liberating perceptions.
  • Clear away any mental toxicity that is keeping you stuck in life, empowering yourself to move forward with confidence and clarity to achieve your dreams.


What parts of your mind, body or life would you life to transform now?

  • Review the transformations that have now started in your life and how you can continue to empower yourself further.
  • Discover and heal the hidden attachments that you are holding on to that are keeping you stuck.
  • Continue to discover and clear any hidden beliefs, repeating patterns and conflicts so that you can feel free and live life fully and completely.
  • Discover your true purpose and identity. Your True Self.


Rewire your mindset, unlock your full potential and be the best and most peaceful version of yourself for yourself.

  • Experience personalised mind-based exercises for you to continue using in your life.
  • Learn how to empower yourself in all situations.
  • Learn how to help others without giving your power or energy away.

Celebrate your personal gains and transformation which have happened during this program.

My Approach To Coaching

  • Working intuitively, I have the ability to hear beyond your words.
  • I believe in simple, practical, effective mindset methods that work.
  • I love combining the wisdom of energy with current life learnings to bring in different perspectives in a situation.
  • With my 20 + years practising complementary therapies combined with my investigative work and world travel, this enables me to have experienced a full spectrum of life.
  • And I understand that life can be busy. You don’t need more things to think about or do? You want something that can help you right now
  • You want to be heard, to feel safe, cared for, not judged and be supported.
  • You are assured of a nurturing experience where I will share tools and techniques that you can use in your daily life where ever you are that will help you and those around you too.
  • Being the living example of my work, having transformed my own mind, body and life. I practise mind calm and meditation everyday.
  • I believe you can achieve your dreams and create the life you desire.

Our time together includes:

  • A start up online 1 to 1 clarity session to personalise your 90 day programme and get you started.
  • 6 x 75 minute one-to-one transformational coaching sessions with me online, to be held bi monthly.
  • A digital personalised workbook containing the strategies and techniques experienced together.
  • Access to my “Calm Spot” Facebook group.
  • Simple yet powerful mind-based exercises to help you transform your mind, body and life.
  • The course is tailored to your personal requirements.
  • Continuing support directly with myself is available between sessions.

Apply today for a free ‘discovery call’ and let’s chat about how I can help you.

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