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Are you stressed or feeling anxious?
Are you carrying limiting beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying life?
Do you have fears that are keeping you feeling trapped or stuck?
Are you suffering from recurring health conditions?
Do you want to change your life?

Get in touch…I can help you!

“I’m Josie Truelove, Mind Calm Coach and complementary therapist of over 20 years, combining all my experience to bring you a simple, effective way to transform your mind, body and life. Living and loving life is so much simpler than you think, when you know how.


Discover simple yet super-effective mind calming practical techniques tailored to your needs. Releasing you from any blocks that are holding you back, you will experience new vitality and confidence in yourself and your life.


Calm any inner conflicts that are preventing your peace allowing you to achieve greater success and freedom. Change your mind, change your life. 


Unleash the adventuress within.”

Josie Truelove

What Can I Help You With?

What do you want let go of? What do you want to gain?


About Josie Truelove

Mind calm coach and complementary therapist

On my travels in Botswana, I fell in love with the Baobab tree. It is known as the African “Tree of Life” When you see the Baobab tree, this is an indication of the power that you possess and your ability to overcome your challenges in life.

What challenges are you looking to overcome? I have overcome many challenges and limitations in my life recognising my inner power to live life fully, to let go and just be.

As the African proverb says “Wisdom is like a Baobab tree, no one individual can embrace it” and I would love to share the wisdom with you.”

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What People Say …

“I did one session with Josie. And I must say, I will do more!
I did not know exactly what to expect, but I knew I had some issues holding me back from moving forward in my business (also in my life).

Our session was online, but I could feel Josie’s warmth and genuine interest in helping me. She had great questions to make me progress my line of thoughts. The highlight of my session with Josie was the technique that she used.  Mind detox is powerful. I felt the effect instantly, which was totally unexpected.

I started with an issue ranking 9/10, after her technique, I was down to 0/10!I felt liberated. Liberated from something I didn’t know was pulling me down. She permitted me to go into my subconscious and let go.

I truly recommend Josie, her experience make her truly unique, and she has a toolbox filled with tools. I look forward to continue my journey with her.3 weeks later I can still feel the effect of our session. It is truly powerful!

Julie Demers, Seattle. USA

”I love mind calm, I have been visiting Josie over the last 5 weeks and am sleeping better and have lost 10 lbs in weight.  Amazing!!  Although I am a newcomer to mind calm I have noticed a real shift in my life and body.  I started the mind calm course to help with my ‘brain chatter’, I just couldn’t stop the constant thoughts from whirring in my head, it was even keeping me awake at night. After the very first session I began to use the mind calm meditation techniques shown to me by Josie to help still my thoughts and be in the ‘now’, after a bit of practice I started to get results.  I love the fact that I am learning to observe my thoughts rather than be controlled by them.  Give it a try.”

I truly recommend Josie, her experience make her truly unique, and she has a toolbox filled with tools. I look forward to continue my journey with her.3 weeks later I can still feel the effect of our session. It is truly powerful!

Sue, North Devon

“Josie is one of the most positive and self aware people I have ever met. Her mind calm course has helped me see how I have caused my own pain and how I can overcome this. Her energy healings are amazing and I have had many positive, life changing experiences with them. Highly recommended!”

Delphine, North Devon

Josie is just amazing! I have recently done her level 1 and 2 Reiki course course and I couldn’t of asked for a better teacher! She was patient and knowledgable and explained everything clearly and with such wisdom that you just got it! She made it fun and enjoyable too and she has such a lovely way about her, I really enjoyed the whole experience  🙂 plus her cooking is amazing!! Thank you so much for helping me along my Reiki journey! lots of love xx  Sami Hope

Sami Hope, North Devon

I completed the Reiki 1 course with Josie and enjoyed the whole experience. I wanted to understand the principles of Reiki and be able to undertake Reiki on myself as well as loved ones. I enjoyed being in an environment which provided learning from a supportive and experienced teacher. I loved having the reiki on me as well as being able to practice on the other students. Since the course I feel relaxed. I can deal with things which would normally negatively affect me and therefore I have different outlook on life. Things are sent to test us and empower us. It’s how we interpret the daily struggles which will impact upon our own mental health and well-being. I have loved doing reiki on family and friends and they have reported to feel the benefits.  Josie has a wonderful perspective and brings a relaxed style to her teaching. It didn’t feel contrived and as a complete novice to Reiki, Josie made me appreciate the whole concept and furthermore embrace ‘being Reiki’.  Thank you, Josie, for adding another string to my bow and guiding me to another level of understanding.  Sarah Galliford 15/09/21

Sarah Galliford, North Devon

“Josie has a true gift. I was having challenges in my business and she knew exactly the right questions to ask to help me release what was blocking me. With her expert guidance, I had a huge breakthrough: peace never left me, I moved away from it. It was a powerful experience and immediately helped me get back on track.”   Fatin, USA

Fatin, U.S.A